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Classic Silver Tabby American Shorthair cats
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Please do not reserve a kitten until you have contacted us and have received a reply.

Kittens have arrived!!!!!
Parents: Silver Shadow x Cacao ZiZi
Five male kittens

Born 7/29/17
Estimated ship date 10/10/17
Kitten selection begins on about Sept 15th.
Kittens are selected in order of deposits received.
Your name will appear on the Kitten page when it is your turn to make your selection.


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American Shorthair Cats are an easy to care for breed of cat.  They have no congenital health issues, no special diet requirements and are happy, social pets.  They are hardy, intelligent, affectionate and make ideal house cats.

Mature American Shorthair cats will usually weigh 11 - 15 pounds for the males and 8 - 12 pounds for the female.

It doesn't take much to keep your kitten happy, a lot of love, good food, clean water, a safe environment and good health care. 

All of our kittens will be sired by our Champion  American Shorthair,  Robo Cat, our Grand Champion American Shorthair, Captain or our gorgeous son of a champion, Shadow.

Silver Shorthair - Your  next companion

We have been shipping our pets on the airlines for over 20 years.  We offer guaranteed, safe, airport delivery of your kitten, or you can pick up your kitten here on the farm.  Pets fly in a heated pressurized compartment on Delta Airlines or United Airlines.  

Please click on the underlined links to find more information about our cats and availability of kittens. Available kittens.

  Grand Champion - Captain


Sebastian - Bailey ........Florida TQ....North Carolina
Ohanzee.....Massachusetts Ohanzee.....Massachusetts Ohanzee.....Massachusetts
Orion...............Texas Whisper & Luna .......Virginia Rumple....Florida
Minnie - Ontario Dakota..K.M..New York Sophie...........MT
Leo...S.L. ……… Washington Tommy......North Carolina Peter, Sidel,  D.E. - Idaho
Henry - M.S. North Dakota Shadow - Massachusetts SV....Florida
JH....Minnesota JH....Minnesota Kanada  - Iowa
 Bella and Zoλ checking out Lake Montauk summer 2012 on their sailboat
C. and K. E. …………….. Vermont
Luna & Black eyed Susan's
P.W. ....Missouri
Samba,  K.C. ……………Maryland
Rosie - California Bailey, S.V.......Florida Puzzles - New Jersey
Gibbs - Wisconsin Leonardo - Ontario Lilly - Ontario
Bella - M.A. Ontario Sasha & Layla - New Jersey Duncan - Texas
Roxy - A.T. Michigan Layla - C.N.-  New Jersey Willie - P.W. Missouri
Luna - P.W. ....Missouri Pepe - Nebraska Tommy Claws - Vermont.
Max - C.M. - New York Hiram - Nevada Sterling  - Michigan
K. K. Iowa Abby in Germany - "Best of the Best" Scout, C.T. -  Idaho
Dakota - Florida R.F. - Zipurr - Texas Hiram & Chloe  - Nevada
Frisco Thelma & Louise Max & Molly - Arizona

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