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American Shorthair - Happy Owners 2

Dear Marian & Kerry,

Our Kitty, Zangief (AKA Showboat) is the center of attention in our home.  He is a goofball, an incredible acrobat, a door diver (whom we don't allow outside) and so much fun.  We wanted you to know what a great addition he's been to our household.

Thanks, The R's

Hi Kerry and Marian,  I want to apologize for not writing to you sooner about our little boy Everyone that has met him are in awe by his beautiful markings and loving personality. Bella (our other female kitty) is absolutely in love with him. They wrestle, sleep, and explore together. If one is missing the other goes searching – they are now inseparable. My boyfriend couldn’t have received a better gift ON his birthday. Beau recovered from his travel very well and within a week he was greeting us at the door whenever we came home. He follows Neil and I everywhere. Actually right now as I am writing this, Beau is laying in my arms purring away. He can be one big ball of energy and definitely does a good job keeping us entertained. Beau is like a dream come true, we could not have asked for a better kitten. We love him to pieces and are so happy he is apart of our lives. He brings so much happiness into our home. Thank you for such a wonderful job well done. I will try to keep you updated with pictures and e-mails when possible.  Thank you again, Krystel, Neil, Beau and Bella.

Kerry & Marian,  Ignatius had his first veterinary appointment yesterday and he received a perfect bill of health.  He is now 2.75 pounds and getting more beautiful every day!  I must say that I am quite impressed with you as breeders and I am so glad we got our life-long friend from you.  When we picked Ignatius up from the airport I knew that he was friendly and well socialized because he played with me the whole way home (1.5 hrs) even thru the cage!  When we got him home I put him immediately in to his litter box, which he promptly used.  He was not afraid at all of us or of his new surroundings.  As we began to handle him more, I noticed that he had no problem with us touching him anywhere we wanted (paws, mouth, eyes, ears).  He even allowed me to trim his nails while he slept just 2 days after he arrived!   We have had many friends and family come over to visit with us and he seems to really like the extra attention!  He jumps from one lap to the next falling asleep on each one!  Our friends and family are quite taken with him, and I can't believe I ever lived a day without him!  Thanks to both of you for a flawless transaction and for your high level of attention to detail.  You are truly professionals!  Here are some pics of little Ignatius!  Sincerely, M L <><

Pierrier Jouet and Mufasah  - buddies

Dear Kerry, dear Marian,
Hope everything is fine with you, your family and all of your animals :)!  Everything is fine in good old Germany. We’ve great news about Gus. Gus went to his first International Cat show with us last weekend. He did a awful good job. He acted like a real "Professional Kitty Cat Hollywoodstar" and everybody thought, that he’s just adorable. It was a big competition and Gus won 2. Place and we could take a silver bowl and a certificate home with us. Now he can add "Kittenchampion" to his name. We’re very happy to have him in our family.  Looking forward to hear from you.
Greetings Frank

I received the kitten today with no problem at all.   She is beautiful and my girlfriend is ecstatic.  She doesn't even know what to do with herself right now.  The kitten is great.  She hasn't eaten anything yet though.  I'm sure she'll be fine as soon as she adjusts, might take awhile.  Anyways. I just wanted to say thanks and that we are very pleased with your service.  It was way too easy to get her.  It was flawless.  She looks great and was just what we expected.  Thanks and well talk to you soon.  Keep in touch.   M.I.........California

Hello from Germany!
Well, we’ve some complaints :)!  We thought that we bought a little stud from your cattery, but we got a little doggy....Gus follows us through the house like a little dog.  Are you sure that you
breed CATS :)???? Well, that’s a little joke, but honest Gus is such a perfect little guy and we love him very much.  There is not one little problem with him, amazing!
We made pictures from him and he is already as our " American STAR " on our website. As special greetings from Gus I attached pictures from him with this mail and I think you might put a picture from him on your website under “New owners".  Hope everything is fine on the "Schorsch- Farm".  Many greetings and best wishes, Frank Markus ........ Germany

Hello Kerry!  Hope this finds you and yours doing well and enjoying the holiday season! I am sitting here with a loudly purring, constantly "kissing" (Simba LOVES to give kitty kisses to you with constant licking!) "kitten" in my lap!  We still call Elvis and Simba the "kittens", even though they are pretty "big kittens" by now... haha!  I guess they will always be the babies around here!  They are doing just great!  VERY affectionate and well adjusted.  We have had no problems and just again want to thank you for our precious guys!  It is fun to me that we have yet to have a visitor to our home that has not commented on how beautiful and unique the kittens are!  They are indeed the most beautiful breed!  And of course I think our two are the best of the best!  I thought I would include a few pictures of them for you to see.  Simba looks just like his Mom I think and Elvis much more like his dad with his head shape particularly.   
A.O.   ...............    Arkansas

I'd just like to extend my gratitude for sending us such a lovely kitten!  The lady who I  met at the cargo terminal was just gushing over how cute he was, and when I saw him for the first time I could see why!  My wife and I have been watching him bound all over the house, exploring all the nooks and crannies and taking over his kingdom.  I honestly don't know if I've ever seen such a beautiful kitten in all my life, the silver tabby breed is simply unsurpassed.  I will send your carrier back to you via UPS sometime this week, so you should see it by next week at the latest.  Once again, thanks for your friendliness and professionalism, you can rest assured knowing I will be recommending your cattery to all who ask.  Regards,  J.A. - Florida

Hello Kerry!
Wanted to thank you again for the kittens!  We are loving them!  They are so cute and playful and loving and... I could go on and on!  We have all grown VERY attached to them!!  They are indeed the loved babies around here!
A.O. - Arkansas

Dear Kerry,
I am the proud and delighted owner of one of your beautiful kittens. - Sampson, born on February 14, 2006 (father Captain Kirk. Mother: Wild Child)........If I had a dollar for every time I have heard "Oh what a beautiful cat" I would be a millionaire.  I call him my "movie star cat"......So, I had to thank you for your role in bringing him into this world and hope that you continue to raise more fabulous kittens like him.  I am sure that you must sometimes wonder how the kittens you have sent to other homes are doing - well, this one is doing just great!  He will be my adored companion always.  My best to you and your family.  Sincerely, S.M.  Tennessee

Hi, Marian and Kerry:  We just got back from the airport about 1/2hour ago.  Silver made the trip in fine form.  He is so beautiful and very friendly at least to us.  He is in the process of meeting the other two members of the family.  We have a Westie (Molly) and a female (spayed) American Shorthair (brown classic tabby).  Molly is 7 years old and it was love on her part at first glance.  Silver isn't so sure yet but curious.  Maggie thinks she is a Queen and insists he come to her first.  Right now Bill is holding him on the couch in the den and Molly is about a foot away  and all seems okay.  Maggie looked at all three of them and walked out of the room in a huff.  He is everything you said he was and we are very pleased and happy.  Marian, you were almost right when you told my husband we would love him within 5 minutes.  It only took one minute.  Thanks for everything.  We will send pictures when everyone settles down.  Carol P

I have told everyone today that we have the cutest kitten in the world.  He is just adorable and incredibly sweet!  I was very nervous about him flying but he did great.  He wasn't scared or anything when he arrived, just needed some tlc, which he certainly received last night.  He slept through the night and didn't whimper a bit until 5 this morning when we had some quality time together before I had to leave for work.  We could not be happier with our kitten choice, his sweet disposition and beauty speaks volumes for the breeding you all are doing with these silver tabbies.  We will be taking pictures this weekend and will be sure to forward them to you all as well.  By the way his name is Teddy, after his father.  Our sincerest thanks for an incredible kitty,   L.P. ..........   Missouri

Hi Kerry,  I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a wonderful kitten you sent to us!  He has been everything that you told me he would be.  He's made quite an addition to the family.  Of course, he's spoiled rotten.  Thanks again,  R.I. ............  Wyoming

Hi Kerry,

We are home with our wonderful kitten, Daisy. She did very well in the car. In fact, I don't think she minded that long ride back to Denver at all. Daisy has adapted very well to her new home. The tension from our other cat has lessened. I won't say Willy likes Daisy, but he isn't hissing as much. They can be in the same room now. I bet they will be the best of buddies in no time.  Daisy is a very loving little girl. She likes to play, and boy are there people in this house to play with. She is very comfortable in her new home with her new family. We are so glad she is here. Daisy has brought lots of smiles and laughs to our home.  I took Daisy to the vet last week where she received a clean bill of health.  Kerry, thank you to you and your wife for our Daisy. She is very much loved and enjoyed.     L.B.      Denver

Hi Kerry,

Sue and I wanted to send you an update on how things are going with our newest family member, Molly.  She is doing just great.  As we speak, she is sound asleep in a chair in my office.  She really has adjusted well to her new home and to her new playmate, Josie.  The two of them have bonded better and even sooner than we expected.  Josie is our 16-month old British Shorthair.  Molly is a true sweetheart that steals everyone's hearts, including the staff at our veterinary clinic.  She is very curious and extremely playful.  She is everything that we had hoped for.  Here are a couple of recent photos.  Once again thanks!  D.K.  ..................      South Dakota

Hi Kerry,

Just dropping you  a note and returning your pet carrier.  Both kittens arrived healthy and happy to Minneapolis.  We are having a ball with both Max and Molly.  They are adjusting very well to our home and to us.  We couldn't be happier with our choices.  Thanks for everything.


I thought I would let you know that I sent the crate back, you probably already have it hahaha.  Anyways, I sent pictures of Beau...I don't think I could thank you enough for such a wonderful little kitten.  I am really at a loss of words, He is way more then what I could have hoped for.  The day he arrived, it took him less then an hour to claim his new home. My Vet. thinks he is beautiful and He complemented on how well Beau has been bred. Again Thank you.  Everyone I know that has met Beau, loves him, even those people who claim they don't like cats, pay attention to my Beau.  Beau is a very healthy little guy, he weights 2.8 pounds now and completely full of kitten energy.  Thank you again.
A.H.  ...............   Nebraska

We made it back to La Moure in fine shape.  Gabby slept, or just relaxed the whole way.  Not one peep out of her.  She travels very well, and is quite patient.  Already, she is a joy to behold.  What a beautiful animal!  She is a little tentative, being in new surroundings, and that is to be expected.  She's getting used to ZB, our Lhasa Apso, but she still walks lightly when he's around.  He's almost 15, and this is the third feline he's broken in, so I don't anticipate any problems.
It was well worth the wait to get this cat into the house.  I can hardly take my eyes, or my hands off of her.
R.L.  ..................  North Dakota

Hello Kerry & Marian! 
Hope all is well with you!  Just thought I would update you with a recent picture of Ignatius.  He is laying on what used to be my husband's reading chair (now affectionately known as "the kitty chair").  I never would have believed how much one could love a cat!  He has truly filled a huge place in our hearts!  Thanks!!!  Enjoy! 
M.L. ................. North Carolina

Hi Kerry,
Debbie here again. Just wanted to update you about our little kitten. She is wonderful and she is in love with my 6 year old. We named her misty.  She is very playful.  We all are in love with her she is letting us all hold her my daughter most of all. Is following us around from room to room.  She has made our home her home Thank you again.  Debbie from New York.
D.T. ....................... New York

Hi Kerry, Sorry to write you so late. We got the kitten and everything went well with the flight. She is beautiful, and has excellent markings. So far she has explored the house pretty good. She did eat and drink and used the litter box for both things. We have had the chance to hold her briefly here and there slowly. She was purring really loud so she must be content. I just would like to thank you so much for holding onto her for us until after our vacation.  Now we have plenty of time to spend with her. I am using everything that i was told. She did not have a problem finding her stuff.  I think her adjustment has happened. She did not hide at all she is kinda following us around, like she doesn't want to be alone.  I cannot thank you enough for everything. Thank you so much for the kitten. She is so cute i cannot stop looking at her. We have a 55 gal. fish tank built in the wall which she loves.  She tries to get the fish.  Very friendly cat. Thank you again. A very happy customer.   D.T.   ................  New York

Hi Kerry,
We love Houdini. He was a gift for my dad in Dec of '04. You shipped him to Florida for us.   Do you remember?  My dad passed away in august, and Houdini's ours now. We adore him.

Thank you
T. S. .......... Georgia

Hello Kerry,
We received the kitten on Thursday with no problems.   She is such a wonderful addition to our family.  She was shy the first day, but has really come out of her shell and loves to play and receive attention.  It definitely didn't take long for her to work her way into our hearts!!  Thanks again for making the process so smooth and easy.
L.S. .......... Connecticut

I thought you would like to see Dakota in the Christmas tree. She would start at the bottom then make her way up in a circle until she got to her perch. She loves it!

R.O. ............ New Hampshire

Hi Kerry,
Just wanted to check in and let you know how the girls are doing. We've named them Wilma and Gracie. We thought we would have a hard time telling them apart, but Wilma is a little lighter on her head and is more curious. Gracie is very sweet, but just a little reluctant to venture out as much as Wilma. They are both cuddle bugs and purr if you just say their names (which they know already).   We've never had kittens that were this friendly and beautiful, too! This was our first time purchasing pets on the internet. We were not disappointed - the shipping worked perfectly. The kittens arrived when we expected them and were healthy and happy. All the way home they played in their crate - not the least concerned about their journey. However, I think it helped that there were two of them. So, tell everyone that two is better!
Thanks so much. We'll be sending pictures.   J.G. ................. Ohio

Kerry,   Just wanted to let you know that my husband picked up the kitty “Pepe” yesterday afternoon and he is absolutely wonderful!!! Tim said that Pepe latched right onto him and sat on his shoulder and looked out the window the whole way home. He also said that he ate right away when they got home and that he has been using his litter box perfectly! Pepe follows Tim everywhere and will not let him out of his sight. Tim also wanted to make sure that he wasn’t lonely last night, so he slept with Pepe on the couch. This kitty is going to be very spoiled!   Thanks again,  K.S. .......... Nebraska

Hi Kerry....we picked up our kitten and all is well...she settled right in and started playing right away and slept all night right on our bed.  Thanks so much for every thing we absolutely love her..... K.M. ..... Washington

Hi Kerry,  The kitten is cuter than words! We are absolutely thrilled with her. We named her Twinkle. My husband, Jim, really likes that. Then we can call her Twinks or Twinkie and many other names too, I'm sure. She's really adjusting well. We're keeping her in her own room for now, to get her used to things and to keep our old British shorthair at bay for now. He's 14 and he'll be annoyed I'm sure, but hopefully, they'll get along eventually. I can't wait for my friends to meet her. They're going to fall in love with her too. Thanks for a very smooth transaction. We got to the airport at 8:20 and they called us just as we were pulling in the parking lot. The pillow and the toy in the crate were a nice touch too. Everything was great!
She goes to the vet today!  We will give her all the love and attention that she can hold!  Thanks again,  G.C......... Minnesota

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