The Ugly Truth: The Litter Box Stinks


We’ve finally done it.  We seem to have a litter box in nearly every corner of our home these days, and we find ourselves working overtime to keep each of the boxes clean and smelling fresh.  With Christmas just around the corner and a houseful of company planning to descend on our home soon, we are seriously re-evaluating our litter management strategy.

Many years ago a work colleague gifted us a mostly functional top-of-the-line, automated, self cleaning Litter Robot.  At the time, this was an already well used,  semi-belligerent cat box.  Even with it’s quirks, though, we still found it to be one of the best cat boxes we have ever owned.

Web-Image-Litter-RobotStanding about 2 feet high, our Litter Robot was impressively ominous.  Constructed of a large, black sphere mounted atop a circular base, we soon found ourselves referring to it as “The Death Star”.  A stair step entry led to the cavernous interior.  There was nothing subtle about it.  Though designed to only initiate its cleaning cycle several minutes after a cat had visited the box, our second hand Robot had a mind of its own.  The Death Star would begin to rattle and shudder, whirring into action every 20 minutes or so, regardless of whether a cat had actually stopped by to do his business or not.  Occasionally, it would also kick into action with a cat still inside which always made for one very surprised kitty. And on particularly bad days it might just stop and stay upside down awhile, as if it was just too whooped to complete the entire cleaning cycle and just needed another 20 minutes to catch its breath again.

The Litter Robot though, did perform it’s job exactly as we hoped.  It gave us a (mostly) hands off  litter management system and really helped to minimize any smells.  Our cats adapted to it’s quirkiness, and even tolerated the occasional “upside down” they encountered. It was indeed a sad day in our house when our Death Star finally spun its last.

Litter-RobotWe bring this up now, because Christmas is coming and our litter boxes stink – figuratively and literally.  We are back to the manual daily scooping, sweeping and refreshing.  We hate the time it is taking to stay ahead of it, we hate the mess, and most of all we really hate the odor.  It really does stink and it’s time to finally solve our cat box problem.

I’ll be honest here, though, the Litter Robot is expensive.  Last time I checked, a new Litter Robot III was priced at $449. We’ve put off investing in another Robot because frankly, it’s been hard to justify that cost within our budget.   There is no denying that it IS time now though.  We need this for the continued sanity of our family.  Well, sanity,  and so our extended family won’t think less of us.  We are  doing this and there’s no doubt it’s going to be totally worth it.  Even our old temperamental & unpredictable Death Star was a gold star winner, so I am confident that this new one will be too.

Knowing that the Litter Robot product is an excellent one, we are sharing an offer for $25 Off a new Litter Robot if you are ready for a better solution too.

*PS This is an affiliate partner, which means if you purchase a Litter Robot for yourself, Silver Shorthairs may get something in return. Thanks.

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