2023 Available Female Kittens

Congratulations! You will soon have the opportunity to select from one of our beautiful 2023 kittens. The kittens shown here are from 4 different litters and were born between April 21st and May 22nd. You can find a photo of each of the parents from these litters here.

After you have chosen your kitten, we will coordinate on the best travel date/travel arrangements to get your kitten to you.

We always try our best to give you a good look at each kitten from various angles. The kittens themselves often have other ideas. For a little giggle, you are also welcome to view some of our photo session bloopers here. – Enjoy!

Female #1

Purple Collar – (born 4/21/23) (Milo x Maisy)

Female #2 – offered as pet, $1850

Pink Collar – (born 5/2/23) (Milo x Athos)

Female #3 – offered as pet, $1850

“Chocolate” Collar – (born 5/10/23) (Basilton x Coriander)

Female #4

“Milk” Collar – (born 5/10/23) (Basilton x Coriander)

Female #5

No Collar – (born 5/22/23) (Milo x Pocket Rocket)