M.V. in Massachusetts

OP-Okemos-american-shorthair-kitten-in-front-of-fire-New-Years-Eve-2017Okemos wishes you a Happy 2018!

He was neutered on Tuesday this week and doing very well. The vet tech took this video after Okemos came to after his surgery.  She said she spent 45 minutes with him and didn’t want let him go.  She is in love with him.  😁 They had to milk one of his testicles because it wasn’t dropping and they said his gubernaculum was very tight and not stretchy and probably the cause of his testicle to not descend.  I’m thankful that he didn’t have to be spayed (incision thru the abdomen) to get it.  Everyone at my vet love the boys to pieces.

He has been an absolute joy.  He follows me everywhere, likes to sit on my feet if I’m standing and he already knows how to sit up. Loves his belly to be rubbed and nickname him a scrappy clunker.  He wants (& likes) everything I eat (no joke) and when he jumps off of things it sounds just like a loud clunk (no grace).  He’s up to 6 pounds and has an awesome motorboat. Still has his baby teeth but I suspect they will be coming out soon.

It is interesting that both Shadow and Zi have green eyes and Okemos are golden.   Can never predict. Getting along well with Ohanzee.  They seem to know how to respect each other and when to come together.   They are happy boys!


G. & R. S. in Montana

OP-Tommy-Sophie-silver-tabbies-under-christmas-tree-Dec-2017Sophie and Tommy, the best two presents we could find under our tree.

Our kitten,Tommy, is doing great!  He loves sleeping with my wife, cuddling and snuggling with her are his favorites. He consistently crawls up and snuggles with her when he is ready for a nap.
He and Sophie, our 3 year old cat from Silver Shorthairs, get along wonderfully. They play and chase each other, obviously Tommy more so.
Just wanted to update you and let you know we love him greatly and he is doing extremely well.

Thank you for a great kitten.

G. & L. in Illinois

Hi Thyra and Brent,
I would like to give you guys some updates on Nathan. He is doing so well and my husband and I love him very much. He sleeps on my hair every night, purring and kneading my head. He is very talkative and is extremely friendly. He got all the shots done now and is now being much more close to my dog and cat Ella. I would like to ask something about his eye color. When will his eye color be fully developed? I would like to know his final eye color. Attached is some new photos and videos of him. Thanks!


M.V. in Massachusetts


Okemos is growing way too fast!!!! He has been such a joy and a little love!  Mamas boy who plays hard and crashes just as quick. Loves his belly rubs, snuggling and showing off his pseudo toy kills.  Goes in this wkend for last round of distemper and rabies shots.  Last weight 3.5 pounds!!! Ps.  Picture taking tonight.

S.L. in Ontario, Canada



Hi, I purchased Minnie in 2009 . She is a beautiful cat and I love her dearly, just thought I send you an update photo, many thanks

M.V. in Massachusetts

Gained one pound in two wks and I was the best cat ever to get my distemper shot.  No reaction whatsoever and everyone loves me and wants to hold me.  Oh and they think my name is pretty cool too!  In four wks I go back for my final series of shots.  Having fun with tissue paper and Mr Revenge Rover.

G. & L. in Illinois

Hi Kerry and Thyra

This is Gina, wife of Lee, who got a male kitten from you guys last week. We
have decided to name the kitten Nathan. Thank you so much for raising such a
sweet, lovable and pretty kitten. Both of my resident cat and dog have taken
a liking to him dearly in a matter of week. I hope you will enjoy the photos
of Nathan with my pets together since they stick together always like bees
hovering around honey. Please don’t mind me attaching so many photos to one
email since it’s hard to rule out which ones I don’t want to include! Let me
know if you have received my email since you’ve got more than one email
address. =]


M.V. in Boston, MA

In possession!!!! Omg – he is adorable and so well behaved.
Just leaving the vet office (he gets an A+).  Heading home for the introduction.   Stay tuned for more!!!

OP-Okemos-Oct-22-2017-American-Shorthair-silver-tabby-kitten-sleeping-on round-scratching-padUpdate: Hi Thyra!  I hope you are feeling better!  I wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten about you.  I will send you an email with an update hopefully tomorrow night.
All is good here and the boys are slowly learning to accept each other.  Pictures to come soon too (probably too many).
The little guys name is (first name) Okemos (s is silent) & (middle name) Tocho.  I will explain the meanings shortly.
I didn’t want you to worry about how things are going.
Lots of love happening in this home and couldn’t be happier.   Thank you again! I so grateful and appreciative!

G. & R. S. in Montana

We have a kitten. 😺he is very active and in good shape after the flight.

We made it home with Tommy,  what a sweetie. Slept in my wife’s arms and in her lap a lot of the way home.
Settled right in to his room and used the litter box right away.
He is now playing with a little mouse. Thank You so much!

K.M. in NY

OP-Dakota-NY-American-shorthair-silver-tabby-catHello Kerry,
It has been more than a couple of years since we received Dakota at LGA here in NY. I’ve always meant to write to update you on how Dakota is doing, but it’s been hard to get a decent picture. Cats are hard to photograph well! I finally got one that I think is acceptable.  We cannot say enough about Dakota! She is very friendly and she likes to meow when she has something for us to do.  She has grown into a beautiful well-mannered adult cat. What a blessing she has been to our home. Rest assured she is doing well, and is living a well-loved and happy life.  Thank you!  Best regards,  K.M.