Ignatius had his first veterinary appointment yesterday and he received a perfect bill of health.  He is now 2.75 pounds and getting more beautiful every day!  I must say that I am quite impressed with you as breeders and I am so glad we got our life-long friend from you.  When we picked Ignatius up from the airport I knew that he was friendly and well socialized because he played with me the whole way home (1.5 hrs) even thru the cage!  When we got him home I put him immediately in to his litter box, which he promptly used.  He was not afraid at all of us or of his new surroundings.  As we began to handle him more, I noticed that he had no problem with us touching him anywhere we wanted (paws, mouth, eyes, ears).  He even allowed me to trim his nails while he slept just 2 days after he arrived!

We have had many friends and family come over to visit with us and he seems to really like the extra attention!  He jumps from one lap to the next falling asleep on each one!  Our friends and family are quite taken with him, and I can’t believe I ever lived a day without him!  Thanks to both of you for a flawless transaction and for your high level of attention to detail.  You are truly professionals!  Here are some pics of little Ignatius!

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