A.O. in Arkansas

Hello Kerry!  Hope this finds you and yours doing well and enjoying the holiday season! I am sitting here with a loudly purring, constantly “kissing” (Simba LOVES to give kitty kisses to you with constant licking!) “kitten” in my lap!  We still call Elvis and Simba the “kittens”, even though they are pretty “big kittens” by now… haha!  I guess they will always be the babies around here!  They are doing just great!  VERY affectionate and well adjusted.  We have had no problems and just again want to thank you for our precious guys!  It is fun to me that we have yet to have a visitor to our home that has not commented on how beautiful and unique the kittens are!  They are indeed the most beautiful breed!  And of course I think our two are the best of the best!  I thought I would include a few pictures of them for you to see.  Simba looks just like his Mom I think and Elvis much more like his dad with his head shape particularly.


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