A.T. in Wisconsin

Kerry,  My kitten is soo awesome…I am actually shocked you didn’t try and keep him to show…his markings are amazing and already he is really attentive and accommodating of anything I ask… I kept expecting him to have an accident or get into kitten ‘trouble’ but instead he has never missed his litter box and hasn’t been destructive in any way…its really kind of incredible to me how well he is adjusting and how much I fun I’m having with him here.

I was very worried about getting a kitten from someone I didn’t know without getting to meet him beforehand; now I don’t know that I could have made a better choice if I tried!!!!! He’s really too good to be true!  Unfortunately, I’m still working on a name for him…its made it even harder since I like him so much I want to make sure I give him a fitting name. I originally wanted to name him Edison after my favorite inventor, but this didn’t really fit him. Then I wanted to call him Napoleon (“Nap” for short)…because, well he kind of thinks he owns the place since he got here, but just ends up taking a lot of naps…1/2 my family really liked it, the others vetoed that one…but we’ll see… I also thought I might call him Captain… after his dad because he kind of looks a lot like him…sometimes you can really see Captain in him! Another one in the running is “Thunder”…He kind of likes to announce himself when he goes to a new room, by galloping in and producing kind of a thunder sound on the carpet….its pretty funny actually. Well, I have to think of something fitting soon, he deserves a really good name!  Anyway, he’s so nice its amazing. He purrs all the time…his markings are totally amazing …and he is so well behaved ~I’m so lucky because he plays like a kitten should, yet doesn’t attack things he shouldn’t. He’s already been really so nice and great…I am really happy to have him!  Thanks so much!

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