C.S. in Oregon

Hello Kerry,
I wanted to send you some recent pictures of our two boys, Romeo and Figaro. They are such a delightful addition to our family and a joy to have around. Everyone that sees them is amazed by their beauty! They are truly gorgeous. Romeo looks like his mom, Missy, fluffy, chubby and adorable! Figaro is long and lean, shorter haired and lighter striped. He looks more like his dad, Capt. Kirk. Romeo is partial to my son which is great because he has wanted a cat for years. Figaro likes everybody and is always purring!

Image of two American Shorthair silver tabby cats lying on bedspread with a cat toyThey get along well with the puppy, maybe a little too well. They have the best temperaments and personalities too. Of course they are very intelligent as well. 🙂 Christmas at our house was even a little more special this year with them in our family. They are a dream come true!  Thank you so much for raising such delightful little companions!

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