Carol P.

Hi, Marian and Kerry:  We just got back from the airport about 1/2hour ago.  Silver made the trip in fine form.  He is so beautiful and very friendly at least to us.  He is in the process of meeting the other two members of the family.  We have a Westie (Molly) and a female (spayed) American Shorthair (brown classic tabby).  Molly is 7 years old and it was love on her part at first glance.  Silver isn’t so sure yet but curious.  Maggie thinks she is a Queen and insists he come to her first.  Right now Bill is holding him on the couch in the den and Molly is about a foot away  and all seems okay.  Maggie looked at all three of them and walked out of the room in a huff.  He is everything you said he was and we are very pleased and happy.  Marian, you were almost right when you told my husband we would love him within 5 minutes.  It only took one minute.  Thanks for everything.  We will send pictures when everyone settles down.

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