D.T. in New York

Hi Kerry, Sorry to write you so late. We got the kitten and everything went well with the flight. She is beautiful, and has excellent markings. So far she has explored the house pretty good. She did eat and drink and used the litter box for both things. We have had the chance to hold her briefly here and there slowly. She was purring really loud so she must be content. I just would like to thank you so much for holding onto her for us until after our vacation.  Now we have plenty of time to spend with her. I am using everything that i was told. She did not have a problem finding her stuff.  I think her adjustment has happened. She did not hide at all she is kinda following us around, like she doesn’t want to be alone.  I cannot thank you enough for everything. Thank you so much for the kitten. She is so cute i cannot stop looking at her. We have a 55 gal. fish tank built in the wall which she loves.  She tries to get the fish.  Very friendly cat. Thank you again. A very happy customer.

Debbie here again. Just wanted to update you about our little kitten. She is wonderful and she is in love with my 6 year old. We named her misty.  She is very playful.  We all are in love with her she is letting us all hold her my daughter most of all. Is following us around from room to room.  She has made our home her home Thank you again.

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