Frank, Markus & Gus “The Champion”

OP-Gus-Nov-6-2009--American-Shorthair-silver-tabby-cat-receives-best-in-show-from-table-of-judgesWe’ve great news about Gus!  We went to a International Cat show yesterday.  Gus went thru the “ring- judging” with flying colors. He won 4. Place out of 36 cats (different breeds and different stage of age). The jury (6 judges) reached an unanimous agreement: BEST of SHOW for Gus (best Shorthair male kitten age 3-6 month).  Gus was top class and a first rate performer. He’s a real Sunnyboy! Now he has a new title, he’s KITTEN CHAMPION!  We’re very proud of our “Mr. Marvellous”.  How is our little Princess doing? Give her a little kiss on her forehead and scratch her behind her furry little ears.  Hope everything is fine with you, your family and the cats.  Many greetings

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