J.G. in Ohio

Hi Kerry,
Just wanted to check in and let you know how the girls are doing. We’ve named them Wilma and Gracie. We thought we would have a hard time telling them apart, but Wilma is a little lighter on her head and is more curious. Gracie is very sweet, but just a little reluctant to venture out as much as Wilma. They are both cuddle bugs and purr if you just say their names (which they know already).Β Β  We’ve never had kittens that were this friendly and beautiful, too! This was our first time purchasing pets on the internet. We were not disappointed – the shipping worked perfectly. The kittens arrived when we expected them and were healthy and happy. All the way home they played in their crate – not the least concerned about their journey. However, I think it helped that there were two of them. So, tell everyone that two is better!
Thanks so much. We’ll be sending pictures.

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