J. & H. F. in Arizona

Kerry,  Max and Molly have not stopped playing. They sleep 10 minutes and start playing again. We were so thankful to get them today what with our Arizona summers. They are so at home already and are simply a delight. Thanks ever so much.

OP-Max-Molly-Apr-18-2011-two-American-Shorthair-silver-tabby-kittens-play-with-sparkle-toy-hanging-from-cat-treeUpdate: Kerry and Marian,   Max and Molly are cuter every day. we have all bonded very well and they are getting in a routine. We took them to our vet and everyone in  the clinic thought they should be in the movies. They love each other soo much but still have fun fights and chase each other. Thanks for sending us these adorable kittens.

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