Krystel, Neil, Beau and Bella

I want to apologize for not writing to you sooner about our little boy Everyone that has met him are in awe by his beautiful markings and loving personality. Bella (our other female kitty) is absolutely in love with him. They wrestle, sleep, and explore together. If one is missing the other goes searching – they are now inseparable. My boyfriend couldn’t have received a better gift ON his birthday. Beau recovered from his travel very well and within a week he was greeting us at the door whenever we came home. He follows Neil and I everywhere.

Actually right now as I am writing this, Beau is laying in my arms purring away. He can be one big ball of energy and definitely does a good job keeping us entertained. Beau is like a dream come true, we could not have asked for a better kitten. We love him to pieces and are so happy he is apart of our lives. He brings so much happiness into our home. Thank you for such a wonderful job well done. I will try to keep you updated with pictures and e-mails when possible.  Thank you again,

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