L.B. in Denver, Colorado

Hi Kerry,

We are home with our wonderful kitten, Daisy. She did very well in the car. In fact, I don’t think she minded that long ride back to Denver at all. Daisy has adapted very well to her new home. The tension from our other cat has lessened. I won’t say Willy likes Daisy, but he isn’t hissing as much. They can be in the same room now. I bet they will be the best of buddies in no time.

Image of fluffy silver tabby kittenDaisy is a very loving little girl. She likes to play, and boy are there people in this house to play with. She is very comfortable in her new home with her new family. We are so glad she is here. Daisy has brought lots of smiles and laughs to our home.  I took Daisy to the vet last week where she received a clean bill of health.  Kerry, thank you to you and your wife for our Daisy. She is very much loved and enjoyed.

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