P.C. in California

Hi,  This is Patrick. I just wanted to tell you that this kitten is awesome. He is a dream come true for us after the loss of our cat. He is so playful and loving. He plays with all his toys (he has a lot of them).   We will always buy our kittens from you in the future

Thank you for being such a great cattery and for matching this kitten to us. I know you don’t do it for the money but for the love and well being of this special cat breed. You spend a lot of time with your program and it shows. I know there is a lot that goes into it. Most people don’t realize this but we do. He is so fascinating to watch and play with. You did very good for us Thank You again.   His name is Aslan. Out of curiosity, are the rest of the litter like him so loving and playful?

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