R.L. in North Dakota

Silver Tabby American Shorthair cat looking at bird on top of cageHere’s an update on Gabby.  She is growing and healthy. She is good enough to let us stay in her house, for which I am grateful.  She is very loving and devoted to us.  She gets along great with ZB, our Lhasa Apso, and just loves it when our daughter brings her birds home.  She doesn’t go out doors, and when the opportunity presents itself, she doesn’t seem interested.  We open the patio door to let ZB out, and if Gabby is sitting there, she will just watch him go out, and act like she’s bored.  All of us love her very much, and everyone she comes in contact with is impressed.  We wouldn’t take 5 times what we paid for her, and I tell people that.  Thank you for the good work you do with these wonderful animals.  Keep it up.  Thanks again

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