S.M. in Tennessee

Hope you and your family are warm and well, and not buried under a snowdrift!  I wanted to share some pictures of Sampson at his first birthday party last week on February 14.  He got lots of kitty toys, licked the frosting on his birthday cupcake – then had to wash his face, as you’ll see in the pictures – and was the star of the evening.  If anyone thought I was crazy for having a birthday party for a cat, no one said anything.  How do you NOT have a special celebration for being born on Valentine’s Day (we also had a Valentine’s dinner for the humans)?

Image of American Shorthair silver tabby cat sniffing birthday cupcake showing bullseye markingSampson grows more handsome every day and is truly the light of my life.  He weighs in now at ten pounds.  He is so loving and happy, adores my other cats, and shows off mercilessly when my friends come over to visit.  When I come home from work, he is the first one who comes to greet me and follows me around to tell me about his day of playing and sleeping.  I could go on and on about how much happiness he brings me; but in short, I just adore him.  Thank you again for bringing him into my world.  Your cats are the greatest!  Hope these pictures give you a smile.  I will continue to update you periodically and let you know how he is.  It seems I am constantly taking pictures of this gorgeous guy!  By the way, I really enjoy your website and bring it up frequently to look at the pictures of the kittens you have adopted out and read the letters from all the “happy owners”.  It’s great to see that there are so many other people out there who are as thrilled as I am to own one (or two) of your fabulous cats.  Wishing you the best

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