S.S. in Washington, D.C.

Image of American Shorthair silver tabby kitten playing with new toysHere are some pictures of our new best friend. This was two days after we picked him up so he was still a little baby. He is the most adorable and lovable kitten! My boyfriend and I just love him to death.

Reagan is his name, and he is just fascinated with learning about everything. He even wants to know how to take a real person shower, how to brush his teeth and how to wash dishes as we are always finding him sleeping in the sink, walking around the bath tub, sitting behind us when we wash dishes or trying to jump in the dishwasher when we’re emptying it, haha. In the morning is the cutest because he wakes up early and comes into our room to play with us and I couldn’t think of a better wake up call!  He just had his second vet visit and he’s doing great! 4.2 lbs already and his colors are coming in beautifully. Once I get my pictures updated I’ll send new ones of him now, at about 3 1/2 months old 🙂 He is so much fun thank you so much for a beautiful and happy little boy!

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