Samantha in Connecticut

Hi Kerry!  Long time no talk! I hope everything is going well with you, I’ve been checking your website regularly and I see you’ve had some adorable new kittens recently!

Image of Reagan Apr 26 2011 American Shorthair silver tabby cat Lying in yellow tissue PaperWell….I thought I’d send you some new pictures of our Reagan as we celebrated his 1st birthday on June 29th! He had a great time and got some very nice things! Wait till you see him, he’s grown up so beautifully and his personality has blossomed, he’s quite a character, haha. Last time we were at the vet he weighed 10 lbs. so I think he might be about 12 lbs. at this point. He’s very healthy and I give him a bath once a month, which he rather enjoys (most of the time). He loves to play fetch and his favorite show is Everybody Loves Raymond. So all in all he’s doing GREAT!  So here are a few pics for ya!  Take care!

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