V.L. in Florida

Image of American Shorthair silver tabby on wanted posterTobias Blue “Toby” is beautiful! Pictures do not do him justice. It took him a little while to warm up to my husband and I, but he loves our 2 girls. Toby made friends with our 5 month old rescue kitten that same night and finally let our Peekaboo play with him tonight.

He is next to me watching me type this e-mail he is very curious I Love Him!!  The first two nights he cried a lot he was missing home I think. He does not cry anymore he is very happy and loves to explore our house.  We have decided to keep his kennel because Toby likes it. He seems to take comfort in it. I will keep in touch and I will send pictures in the future.  Thanks for the Great service, and our new addition.  Below is a picture I took with my cell phone 🙂

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