Image of two American Shorthair striped silver tabby cats with ringed tails looking out the window


Hi Kerry….we picked up our kitten and all is well…she settled right in and started playing right away and slept all night right on our bed.  Thanks so much for every thing we absolutely love her…..

K.M. in Washington

Hi Kerry,  The kitten is cuter than words! We are absolutely thrilled with her. We named her Twinkle. My husband, Jim, really likes that. Then we can call her Twinks or Twinkie and many other names too, I’m sure. She’s really adjusting well. We’re keeping her in her own room for now, to get her… Continue reading →

G.C. in Minnesota

Kerry,   Just wanted to let you know that my husband picked up the kitty “Pepe” yesterday afternoon and he is absolutely wonderful!!! Tim said that Pepe latched right onto him and sat on his shoulder and looked out the window the whole way home. He also said that he ate right away when they got… Continue reading →

K.S. in Nebraska

Hello Kerry! Wanted to thank you again for the kittens!  We are loving them!  They are so cute and playful and loving and… I could go on and on!  We have all grown VERY attached to them!!  They are indeed the loved babies around here!

A.O. in Arkansas

Hi Kerry, Just wanted to check in and let you know how the girls are doing. We’ve named them Wilma and Gracie. We thought we would have a hard time telling them apart, but Wilma is a little lighter on her head and is more curious. Gracie is very sweet, but just a little reluctant… Continue reading →

J.G. in Ohio

Hello Kerry!  Hope this finds you and yours doing well and enjoying the holiday season! I am sitting here with a loudly purring, constantly “kissing” (Simba LOVES to give kitty kisses to you with constant licking!) “kitten” in my lap!  We still call Elvis and Simba the “kittens”, even though they are pretty “big kittens”… Continue reading →

A.O. in Arkansas

Hello Kerry, We received the kitten on Thursday with no problems.   She is such a wonderful addition to our family.  She was shy the first day, but has really come out of her shell and loves to play and receive attention.  It definitely didn’t take long for her to work her way into our hearts!! … Continue reading →

L.S. in Connecticut

I thought you would like to see Dakota in the Christmas tree. She would start at the bottom then make her way up in a circle until she got to her perch. She loves it!

R.O. in New Hampshire

Hi Kerry, Just dropping you  a note and returning your pet carrier.  Both kittens arrived healthy and happy to Minneapolis.  We are having a ball with both Max and Molly.  They are adjusting very well to our home and to us.  We couldn’t be happier with our choices.  Thanks for everything.

P.K. in Minnesota

Hi Kerry, Sue and I wanted to send you an update on how things are going with our newest family member, Molly.  She is doing just great.  As we speak, she is sound asleep in a chair in my office.  She really has adjusted well to her new home and to her new playmate, Josie.  The… Continue reading →

D. K. in South Dakota

Hi Kerry, We love Houdini. He was a gift for my dad in Dec of ’04. You shipped him to Florida for us.   Do you remember?  My dad passed away in august, and Houdini’s ours now. We adore him. Thank you

T.S. in Georgia

Hi Kerry, Sorry to write you so late. We got the kitten and everything went well with the flight. She is beautiful, and has excellent markings. So far she has explored the house pretty good. She did eat and drink and used the litter box for both things. We have had the chance to hold… Continue reading →

D.T. in New York

Kerry, I thought I would let you know that I sent the crate back, you probably already have it hahaha.  Anyways, I sent pictures of Beau…I don’t think I could thank you enough for such a wonderful little kitten.  I am really at a loss of words, He is way more then what I could… Continue reading →

A.H. in Nebraska

Kerry,  Max and Molly have not stopped playing. They sleep 10 minutes and start playing again. We were so thankful to get them today what with our Arizona summers. They are so at home already and are simply a delight. Thanks ever so much. Update: Kerry and Marian,   Max and Molly are cuter every day.… Continue reading →

J. & H. F. in Arizona

Hello Kerry & Marian! Hope all is well with you!  Just thought I would update you with a recent picture of Ignatius.  He is laying on what used to be my husband’s reading chair (now affectionately known as “the kitty chair”).  I never would have believed how much one could love a cat!  He has… Continue reading →

M.L. in North Carolina

Kerry, We made it back to La Moure in fine shape.  Gabby slept, or just relaxed the whole way.  Not one peep out of her.  She travels very well, and is quite patient.  Already, she is a joy to behold.  What a beautiful animal!  She is a little tentative, being in new surroundings, and that… Continue reading →

R.L. in North Dakota

Kerry, Max and Molly at 6 months old.  Oh, they are so bad. They never stop playing.  She is always busy. Just wanted to let you know that Max and Molly had their respective surgeries today and did very well. Of course, Max had it easy but little Molly had the most difficult one. She… Continue reading →

J.F. in Arizona

Hi Kerry,  I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a wonderful kitten you sent to us!  He has been everything that you told me he would be.  He’s made quite an addition to the family.  Of course, he’s spoiled rotten.  Thanks again,

R.I. in Wyoming

Kerry, The kittens arrived just fine last Wednesday July 2nd. Here are a couple pictures. They sure have kept us busy! They play together and so far, sleep together. They are so cute! I wish I didn’t have to go back to work tomorrow. We’ve had 4 days getting to know each other and each… Continue reading →

K.K. in Iowa

Kerry, This was taken Wednesday, July 15th. Max (left) and Molly taking their morning nap. They almost look like one cat with 2 heads. They are 16 months old and as you can tell have grown alot. Max is a handsome male and little Molly is the typical small female. She never misses anything. Always… Continue reading →

Jo F.

I have told everyone today that we have the cutest kitten in the world.  He is just adorable and incredibly sweet!  I was very nervous about him flying but he did great.  He wasn’t scared or anything when he arrived, just needed some tlc, which he certainly received last night. He slept through the night and… Continue reading →

L.P. in Missouri

Dear Kerry, I am the proud and delighted owner of one of your beautiful kittens. – Sampson, born on February 14, 2006 (father Captain Kirk. Mother: Wild Child)……..If I had a dollar for every time I have heard “Oh what a beautiful cat” I would be a millionaire.  I call him my “movie star cat”……So,… Continue reading →

S.M. in Tennessee

I’d just like to extend my gratitude for sending us such a lovely kitten!  The lady who I  met at the cargo terminal was just gushing over how cute he was, and when I saw him for the first time I could see why!  My wife and I have been watching him bound all over… Continue reading →

J.A. in Florida

Well, we’ve some complaints :)!  We thought that we bought a little stud from your cattery, but we got a little doggy….Gus follows us through the house like a little dog.  Are you sure that you breed CATS :)???? Well, that’s a little joke, but honest Gus is such a perfect little guy and we love him… Continue reading →

F.M. in Germany

I received the kitten today with no problem at all.   She is beautiful and my girlfriend is ecstatic.  She doesn’t even know what to do with herself right now.  The kitten is great.  She hasn’t eaten anything yet though.  I’m sure she’ll be fine as soon as she adjusts, might take awhile.  Anyways. I just… Continue reading →

M.I. in California

Pierrier Jouet and Mufasah = buddies

Pierrier Jouet

I want to apologize for not writing to you sooner about our little boy Everyone that has met him are in awe by his beautiful markings and loving personality. Bella (our other female kitty) is absolutely in love with him. They wrestle, sleep, and explore together. If one is missing the other goes searching – they are… Continue reading →

Krystel, Neil, Beau and Bella

How are you and the family?  Beau is doing wonderful almost a year old now. Which I can not believe myself!  He is such a wonderful cat, I can’t say Thank you enough,, this time next year I hope to be able to get Beau a little sister or brother.  Yes from You!  Beau is… Continue reading →

A.H. in Nebraska

Hope everything is fine with you, your family and all of your animals :)!  Everything is fine in good old Germany. We’ve great news about Gus. Gus went to his first International Cat show with us last weekend. He did a awful good job. He acted like a real “Professional Kitty Cat Hollywoodstar” and everybody thought, that… Continue reading →

Frank in Germany

Ignatius had his first veterinary appointment yesterday and he received a perfect bill of health.  He is now 2.75 pounds and getting more beautiful every day!  I must say that I am quite impressed with you as breeders and I am so glad we got our life-long friend from you.  When we picked Ignatius up from the airport… Continue reading →


Our Kitty, Zangief (AKA Showboat) is the center of attention in our home.  He is a goofball, an incredible acrobat, a door diver (whom we don’t allow outside) and so much fun.  We wanted you to know what a great addition he’s been to our household. Thanks!

The R.’s

I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of the kitten.  I’ve named him Max.  Thanks so much for him, I just love him!


We’ve great news about Gus!  We went to a International Cat show yesterday.  Gus went thru the “ring- judging” with flying colors. He won 4. Place out of 36 cats (different breeds and different stage of age). The jury (6 judges) reached an unanimous agreement: BEST of SHOW for Gus (best Shorthair male kitten age 3-6 month). … Continue reading →

Frank, Markus & Gus “The Champion”

Here are some pictures of our new best friend. This was two days after we picked him up so he was still a little baby. He is the most adorable and lovable kitten! My boyfriend and I just love him to death. Reagan is his name, and he is just fascinated with learning about everything. He… Continue reading →

S.S. in Washington, D.C.

Hi Kerry… Quincy (born 9-6-2009) purchased by F.M., has had all of his shots including Leukemia & Rabies. He also was altered this week.  Now he can relax until Dec. 2010.  He’s very active, and loves to be in the same room with me. Thanks for the beautiful kitten.  

F.M. in California

Hi, Marian and Kerry:  We just got back from the airport about 1/2hour ago.  Silver made the trip in fine form.  He is so beautiful and very friendly at least to us.  He is in the process of meeting the other two members of the family.  We have a Westie (Molly) and a female (spayed)… Continue reading →

Carol P.

Greetings from Germany.  We went to a International Cat show on Sunday. The jury  reached an unanimous agreement: BEST of SHOW and BEST of BEST  for Gus!!! Gus was top class and a first rate performer. He’s a real Sunnyboy! Now he has a new title, he’s Junior Winner.

Frank in Germany

Tobias Blue “Toby” is beautiful! Pictures do not do him justice. It took him a little while to warm up to my husband and I, but he loves our 2 girls. Toby made friends with our 5 month old rescue kitten that same night and finally let our Peekaboo play with him tonight. He is next to me watching… Continue reading →

V.L. in Florida

Hi all, You told us we’d love her, and we do.  Thought you might like to see her now.  She is so well-behaved and has a personality that’s all her own.  Say “hi” to Robo and Alice!  They’re daughter, Dakota, is purrrrrrrrfect!

R. O. in New Hampshire

Hello,  My brother have the kitten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’M VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sincerely for the Christmas, for my mother: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!  You are very serious!!!!  We love already Bridget!!!  For you be honest , I had afraid for the shipment!!  But all it is ok!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bridgette is home in Cannes, with the new mum…She is a… Continue reading →

J.D.V. in Cannes, France

Here’s an update on Gabby.  She is growing and healthy. She is good enough to let us stay in her house, for which I am grateful.  She is very loving and devoted to us.  She gets along great with ZB, our Lhasa Apso, and just loves it when our daughter brings her birds home.  She doesn’t… Continue reading →

R.L. in North Dakota

We hope that everything is just fine in North Dakota. We’ve great news for you. We went to a cat show yesterday. Abby was the absolute ” Princess”. She won Best in Show with flying colors and missed Best of Best with one vote…………..Greetings and best wishes,

F. & M. in Germany

  Our kitten arrived one day in September which turned out to be one of the best days of our lives.  (Especially mine because it was my birthday present)  We named her Lula, which means “princess” in Irish.  She has turned out to be exactly that and more.  I’ve had cats my entire life, but… Continue reading →

K.L. in North Carolina

Hope you and your family are warm and well, and not buried under a snowdrift!  I wanted to share some pictures of Sampson at his first birthday party last week on February 14.  He got lots of kitty toys, licked the frosting on his birthday cupcake – then had to wash his face, as you’ll… Continue reading →

S.M. in Tennessee

Dear Kerry,  We’ve wonderful news! Our U.S. – Dreamgirl, Abby, performed great at the catshow yesterday.  The judges adored her and they just loved what they saw. She won Best in Show which made us very happy, but than she even had a bigger success. She won Best of Best! We were more than happy,… Continue reading →

F. & M. in Germany

Hi Kerry,  I picked up the kitten at about 1:00 p.m.. Needless to say, he’s had a long day already. He’s in my daughter’s room resting and getting accustom to the new smells, sights and sounds of his new home.  I just wanted to again thank you for your professionalism during this whole process. Having… Continue reading →

D.B. in Michigan

Kerry,  My kitten is soo awesome…I am actually shocked you didn’t try and keep him to show…his markings are amazing and already he is really attentive and accommodating of anything I ask… I kept expecting him to have an accident or get into kitten ‘trouble’ but instead he has never missed his litter box and… Continue reading →

A.T. in Wisconsin

Hi Kerry!  Long time no talk! I hope everything is going well with you, I’ve been checking your website regularly and I see you’ve had some adorable new kittens recently! Well….I thought I’d send you some new pictures of our Reagan as we celebrated his 1st birthday on June 29th! He had a great time… Continue reading →

Samantha in Connecticut

Hello Kerry, I wanted to send you some recent pictures of our two boys, Romeo and Figaro. They are such a delightful addition to our family and a joy to have around. Everyone that sees them is amazed by their beauty! They are truly gorgeous. Romeo looks like his mom, Missy, fluffy, chubby and adorable! Figaro… Continue reading →

C.S. in Oregon

Hi hey kerry, Just wanted to let you know my cats Frostee and Lolly are doing awesome and are absolutely wonderful! They are so much fun and love to cuddle. Here are a few pictures to show you how much they have changed and how beautiful they are!! Everyone loves them and can’t believe how pretty… Continue reading →

L.V. in Minnesota

Hi Kerry, We just wanted to let you know how our new addition to the family is doing. We have decided to name her Roxy. She is such an angel. Very affectionate and talkative. And she purrs so loud! Thank you so much for everything. We love her sssoooo much!   We will be sure to… Continue reading →

A. T. in Michigan

Hi Kerry, Romeo is resting very comfortably in between furious bursts of activity. I had forgotten what kittens are like. He’s making the transition just fine with my Maine Coon. I sent the crate back UPS priority….what a nice set up for them with food and water. What a beautiful gentle animal/friend you sent me.… Continue reading →


Dear Kerry and Marion, There are not enough adjectives to describe how great our kitten is!  Zephyr, Zef (Greek: Gentle Wind from the West) has a personality as beautiful as his coat. He is the sweetest, gentlest, most even keeled cat I have met since I can remember. He treats our daughter Sophia with so… Continue reading →

S.C. in California

Hi Kerry! Here is beautiful Lula who will be 2 next week. Which will be around the same time our new kitten can possibly ship! She is our princess; thank you so much for blessing our family w/ her.

K.L. in North Carolina

Thyra, My daughter took this pix of Gus and Beau last night.  We love our boys. Thank you!

B.A. in WA

Just wanted to send you a few pictures and let you know how much we are enjoying Pepe and how beautiful his markings are! He has turned out to be the best kitten and is so loveable and trusting. As you can see in the picture, he has chosen ***** (our youngest) as his favorite… Continue reading →

K.S. in Nebraska

Bill has a great time in his new home. He’s very relaxed and he loves all our cats and they love him.  Abby is the only one, who has little problems with him, but I think that’s because she has kittens and she doesn’t like him around.  Bill loves “mealtime”, he loves to eat, sleep and… Continue reading →

F.D. in Germany

Grand Champion Charlie Boy. By Ch. Robo x Cassie. Congratulations Lil and Charlie Boy!!!

L.B. in North Dakota

Dear Kerry and Marian, My little girl had 6 rings. There was one other female silver ASH. My baby beat her all of the way……1st. Then out of all the kitten ASH’s she won Best of Breed in 3 rings and 2nd Best of Breed in the other 3 rings.  I will need to get… Continue reading →

S.D. in West Virginia

Hello – Attached are some holiday photos of “Bumblebee”. Best Regards,

R.F. in Texas

Hi Kerry, Here are some recent photos of Thelma & Louise. We got these kittens from you back in July. They sure have grown up! Everything is going good. They still play together and sleep together….and sometimes create mischief together, also. Hope all is well with you & your family and we wish you a… Continue reading →

K.K. in Iowa

Hi Kerry, I attached a few photos of Max; he is growing up very quickly and has been wonderful to have the past few months. We couldn’t be happier. He was a little bit sleepy when I took these! Hope all has been well,

C.M. in New York

The kitten arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for all the extra stuff. You definitively flew him first class. I like the crate. He is awesome. Just like you said. My son loved him. The airport employees loved him. I thought I would never get out of there. Received all your instructions and read them.… Continue reading →

P.C. in California

Hey Kerry, We have been so very pleased with our two kittens. They have such a wonderful disposition, and they are sure to get attention from everyone, they are practically celebrities at the local vet’s office! Dior & Armani are also very good with the children, and of more patience than we could have ever… Continue reading →

A.C. in Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Hi,  This is Patrick. I just wanted to tell you that this kitten is awesome. He is a dream come true for us after the loss of our cat. He is so playful and loving. He plays with all his toys (he has a lot of them).   We will always buy our kittens from you… Continue reading →

P.C. in California

Kerry, I have the kitten and he is doing GREAT-he has taken over the house!!   I will keep him in my bathroom for a while.  He is GREAT I will let you know how he is doing.  Thank you very much,

M.C. in Texas

Hi Marion,  I received the crate deposit in the mail today. Thank you.  Our kitten, Grace, is doing great! She is so much fun, friendly and active. I’m so happy that she was already socialized before we got her. My vet is excited for me too. We all think she is beautiful!  Thanks for everything!

N.B. in Florida

Sterling is one year old today. How I wish we could afford more of your kittens. Sterling is every thing we could have wished for as an addition to our house.

S.D. in Michigan

Hello Kerry, The kitten is at home ! She is very calm and playful. She does not looked tired by the trip at all and she slept with us tonight. She is very, very friendly and very, very cute ! We have not found her name yet. I think it will take us a few… Continue reading →

L.B. in Quebec, Canada

Hi Kerry and Marian, Just to let you know, Luna is growing and is the best kitten I have ever had. She is such a joy. Purrs, plays endlessly and sleeps on my chest while I am on the computer. She is 16 weeks old now.  Everyone in the house enjoys her. She gets along… Continue reading →

P.W. in Kansas

Hi Kerry and Marion, Attached are some pictures of Minnie who is now 7 months.  Everyone who comes into our home is amazed as they have not seen a cat with her markings before and she is a definite favorite at the veterinarian clinic. She was spayed a month ago and I decided not to… Continue reading →

S.L. in Ontario, Canada

Kerry, I just had to share a moment with you regarding Hiram. Every day I put my makeup on with a double-sided mirror. Hiram always looks in one side and I use the other. I didn’t think my kids believed me, so I caught him in the act with my camera phone.  Anyway, I hope… Continue reading →

P.W. in Nevada

Kerry,  These two kittens are wonderful. They play, purr, and are very loving. The quality is the best in the business and the attitudes are perfect. You kept in touch and gave a very generous price for a repeat customer.  This cattery is the place to buy Silver Tabbies and we will always buy our… Continue reading →

P.C. in Arizona

Kerry,  Greetings from NJ! Just wanted to send some pictures of Lyla in her new home. She is adorable, sweet, playful and we all love her. Her sister is a small 12 pound dachshund named Shelby and they get along wonderfully. From the moment Lyla waked in the front door they were instant friends, playing,… Continue reading →

C. N. in New Jersey

Dear Kerry and Marian, Just wanted to send you an updated photo of Luna, especially since it is Christmas time and her colorings and markings look so great next to all the Christmas colors, gifts and tree!  She is just over 5 months old now and doing great. Continues to be a joy in our… Continue reading →

P.W. in Kansas

Hello, Marian… Thought I would give you our Day 3 update: Sidel and Peter are too funny! What a pair!  They have officially claimed the entire house for running, jumping, and wrestling.  At Day 2, we were thinking that we should bring Willie out here to join Sidel and Peter.  Willie would definitely add to… Continue reading →

D. E. in Idaho

Just wanted you to know that Willie made it and is doing great.  My son just sent me this photo. He is in heaven. Thanks again,

P. W. in Missouri

Hi Kerry! Just wanted to send you a recent pic of “Happy” (now Scout).  He is an absolute angel and is spoiled rotten! The airline wanted to keep him when I picked him up.  Thanks so much!!      

C.T. in Idaho

Hi Kerry, Just wanted to check in with you and let you know that Puzzles is doing great! (he was from your May 28th litter, Missy) He has made himself right at home and is an awesome addition to our family. Our children absolutely love him and my daughter said he was the best birthday… Continue reading →

P.D. & Family in New Jersey

Kerry, I just wanted to thank you for the advising me that two cats would be fine, when I purchased Hiram and Chloe. I didn’t want Hiram to get lonely, so I got Chloe too. I was very apprehensive getting two, and both being from different Dads and Moms. You were right. They are inseparable,… Continue reading →

P.W. in Nevada

Hi Kerry and Marian, Well, Minnie just had her first birthday and she is such a princess. She doesn’t like to cuddle too much during the day but enjoys chasing sponge golf balls and absolutely loves the laser light! At night she turns into a “purring machine” and like to snuggle with me on the… Continue reading →

S.L. in Ontario, Canada

Luna is now 10 months old and very healthy and playful. She was spayed a couple months ago and did fine. I thought you might like some photos I took of her today playing in my new fountain.   Well, you can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many fountains. I couldn’t resist… Continue reading →

P.W. in Kansas

Took a picture of Luna when she was still. Hard to get her when she is still  because she is always on the go. Do you think she looks like her mother or father?  Hope all is going well with you on the farm.

P.W. in Kansas

Hi Kerry! Here is a pic of our Roxy !!! She loves Chanel bags just like me! She is very much a little princess and we adore her. She is soooo beautiful !!! Thanks so much !!!  

A. T. in Michigan

Kerry, Just wanted to let you know the kitten made it to Houston safely. He is beautiful and so playful and sweet. Had no problem with the airlines. He is eating, drinking, and using his litter box without any problems. Played a lot this morning but has been sacked out this afternoon from his long… Continue reading →

T. S. in Texas

Luna was sitting/laying in the sun next to my window, so I decided to snap some photos of her showing off her beautiful markings. She will be two years old in July.

P.W. in Kansas

Hi Kerry!   I just wanted to send a few pictures of Chairman Meow. He’s almost a year and a half now. He’s best friend’s with one of our other cats Captain sensible and gets along amazing with the other cats. He’s absolutely hilarious too. He runs around yelling and is such a good hunter (Toy… Continue reading →

J.B. in Ontario

Kerry, I wanted to send you some pictures of Daisy and Lily, whom I got from you in June. They are almost 10 months and growing like crazy! They had their surgery at 6 months and did wonderfully. They were jumping all around the very next day. They absolutely love each other and do everything… Continue reading →

J.M. in Florida

Duncan arrived Safely! He’s already purring and cuddling with us, and we just love him!!   Thanks for getting him to us so quickly

D.M. in Texas

Dear Kerry, We received our two kittens on July 7th from Minnie and Robo Cat. We were ecstatic to have both brother and sister, and they have come to be the best addition to our family ever!  Leonardo and Lilly-Anne are so intelligent and affectionate, and have interacted with every family member. I have never… Continue reading →

L.R. in Ontario

Dear Kerry, Enclosed are a few pictures of the kitten that was born to Silver Alice & Robo Cat back in October, and we purchased him from you in December. His name is Dakota and I just wanted to thank you for the best pet I have ever owned. He is turning out to be… Continue reading →

L.C. in Florida

Hi Kerry, It’s been almost two weeks since Kevin and I were joined by Zoe and Bella (Ithink you called them Willie and Sam). Just wanted to let you know thatthey are adjusting very well and even Bella is starting to seek out our company– she’s snuggled up next to me on the couch as… Continue reading →

C. E. in Vermont

Luna says, “Keep ur pawz off my book!” LOL Happy Thanksgiving!

P.W. in Kansas

I was looking at your website again last night and didn’t know if I had sent you Luna’s “annual” Christmas photo. No one enjoys Christmas more than Luna. She loves the trees, the ornaments, the lights, the poinsettias, even the table cloth! Here she is, in a “purrfect” pose.

P.W. in Kansas

Hello Kerry, Hope all is well with you and all your beautiful cats. I got Samba from you and he is doing great. We love him very much and he seems to be thriving.  

K.C. in British Columbia

Hi Marian, I thought I’d give you an update as to how the boys are doing. We have renamed Frank and Tank to two of our favorite TV character names, Auggie and Gibbs, respectively. Auggie (Frank) is named after Auggie Anderson on Covert Affairs, the blind CIA analyst played by Christopher Gorham. Gibbs (Tank) is… Continue reading →

G.T. in Wisconsin

Hi Kerry and Marian, Bailey is twice her size and her markings are really getting beautiful. She is such a love bug and loves to give us kisses. She’s doing so well and she follows Tess around like a shadow. Here she is taking her big afternoon nap. We just love her so much.

S.V. in Florida

Hello Kerry, How are you. Well, I thought it was time to send you an email to let you know how Bella is doing. To anyone that meets my kitten they fall in love with her. Well Bella is doing well and she is the “QUEEN” of my house. She is about 5 pounds the… Continue reading →

M.A. in Ontario

Greetings Kerry & Marian from chilly Georgetown, Ontario! Well my Miss Minnie Pearl will be 2 years old March 27th and I cannot begin to tell you the amount of joy she has brought into my life! She has even won over my 2 sons ( who thought they disliked cats!) and they love her… Continue reading →

S.L. in Ontario

Photo was taken today in Leawood, Kansas, in the backyard. Hope things are well with you and your family and farm.  

P.W. & Luna in Kansas

Hello there! It’s been about a year since we got our beautiful kittens, now cats, from you!   Sophie and Oliver are so pretty, and have brought great joy to our family, especially our two boys. I will attach a couple of photos here.

J.H. in Minnesota

We have had our Talariah kitten (Dougal) for about 6 years now and he is magnificent. The American Shorthair breed is so laid back. And they are beautiful, too.  

S.H. in WA

  This is our adorable Casey, she’s been making us incredibly happy for the last couple years! Thank you, Talariah Cattery!  

Suna K.

Here is Rupert, in his favorite spot, the bathroom sink. Hee, hee He also loves to swat at you while taking showers…No privacy in this household. What I so love besides his quirky personality is the softness of his pelt…Simple the softest I have ever felt on an animal. Thank you!

M.C. in Washington

Kerry and Marian, Bailey is growing fast. Her markings are becoming more prominent and so beautiful. She’s really looking more and more like her handsome dad Shadow.  Her personality is wonderful and loving. She is very affectionate and she’s very, very vocal. She’s always chirping and meowing. It’s just so darn cute! If we need… Continue reading →

S.V. in Florida

Hi Kerry, I just wanted to send along some pictures of Zoë and Bella, who came to us last November. They’ve become good little sailor cats and enjoy boat life as much as we do.  They enjoy life at home as well, hunting for bugs and sometimes a mouse– we do live in a really… Continue reading →

C. & K. E. in Vermont

Hey Kerry, This is just a few days past our kitties 1 year birthday! We received kittens, brother and sister, from Nona and Robo’s litter. Just wanted to let you know how much we adore these kittens/cats now. Such different personalities! Their names are Wheezer, the boy, and Sweet Pea, the girl.  Wheezer is just… Continue reading →

T.Q. in North Carolina

Hi Kerry, Here’s a new picture of Bailey. She really loves water and enjoys lying in the wet shower once we’ve gotten out.  She’s just the cutest, sweetest and funniest cat ever. She looks more and more like her handsome dad Shadow.  Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the upcoming… Continue reading →

S.V. in Florida

Thank you Thyra & Talariah! Introducing our newest family member…..Maggie ❤️   Day 2 and she’s running the place. We love her.

H.J.O. in Washington

Dear Kerry, I just came across your email address and thought I would drop you a few pictures of Dakota since he has changed so much since you saw him last. He has grown into a beautiful cat with a wonderful disposition. He is definitely a “mama’s boy” and is spoiled rotten! He is an… Continue reading →

L.C. in Florida

Shadow is definitely a spoiled cat and definitely a family member of our Family. I attached a pic of him on our Christmas card.

N.P. in Massachusetts

  Kerry, We got Tommy from you a little over 2 years ago and thought you would like to see an updated pic. He is a very affectionate and happy cat. He is also my constant companion in my home office. Thanks for providing a great addition to our family.

G.C. in North Carolina

Hello Thyra, Marcella is a wonderful baby and a great alarm clock.  

G.B. in Nevada

Hi Kerry- I thought I would let you know that Leo is doing great 🙂 He’s a very affectionate little guy (kisses and purrs a lot, & licks noses and eyes!), and is very active! He’s becoming very handsome, too 🙂 Will email you more photos later! Thanks for our baby!

S.L. in Washington

Hi Kerry & Marian Updated pictures at 8 mo.&7.5mo . Whisper @ 8# and Luna @ 7#. Whisper wants his belly rubbed every evening and cries at 9:00pm until i put him in my lap upside down and put him to sleep. Luna & Whisper both have daddy Shadow’s green eyes. Both are very healthy… Continue reading →

Jon, Kasia, Whisper & Luna

Kerry, A week later, we ‘re just delighted with Rumple. Here she is holding down an unfinished bowl– Lisa’s a potter. She’s thriving and had grown an inch in9 days!  I’d still like to get a brother kitty to go along and need to put in a deposit in case there is any chance.  Hope… Continue reading →

Danny & Lisa

Kerry, Here is a picture of Sophie, she was born 4-15-14 and we picked her up in Dickinson on June 26. She is doing great. We get a great many compliments on how beautiful she is. Of course we think she is very pretty. Even people that say they are not cat people tell us… Continue reading →

G. & R.S in MT

Hi Kerry, It’s been a little over three years since you sent Orion to me and I wanted to give you an update. He’s gotten so big and his pattern is amazing just like his dad Shadow. He’s been my best buddy since he arrived when I lived in Pennsylvania. Since then he traveled with… Continue reading →

P.H. in Texas

Hi Kerry, I’m also attaching a few recent photos of Ohanzee (aka Shadow). He is doing very well (funny as all get out too) and has his first annual physical in November. I hope you enjoy the pictures and I look forward to hearing back from you!

M.V. in Massachusetts

Marcella and Nani send you very Merry Christmas wish Thyra.  

G.B. in Nevada

Kerry, I wanted to give an update of our cat, Sebastian, who will be 8 years old on March 15th of 2016, though one would never know he was that old as he still acts and plays like a kitten. It seems a bit surreal to think that Sebastian has been with us for almost… Continue reading →


Brent & Thyra, I sure love my little kitten. We call her Mazie and my husband has taught her to fetch a certain toy that she likes and she jumps out of his lap and then brings it back to his lap, but it takes her a few minutes to set it on his lap… Continue reading →

J.T. in Washington

Hello Kerry, It has been more than a couple of years since we received Dakota at LGA here in NY. I’ve always meant to write to update you on how Dakota is doing, but it’s been hard to get a decent picture. Cats are hard to photograph well! I finally got one that I think… Continue reading →

K.M. in NY

We have a kitten. 😺he is very active and in good shape after the flight. We made it home with Tommy,  what a sweetie. Slept in my wife’s arms and in her lap a lot of the way home. Settled right in to his room and used the litter box right away. He is now… Continue reading →

G. & R. S. in Montana

In possession!!!! Omg – he is adorable and so well behaved. Just leaving the vet office (he gets an A+).  Heading home for the introduction.   Stay tuned for more!!! Update: Hi Thyra!  I hope you are feeling better!  I wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten about you.  I will send you an… Continue reading →

M.V. in Boston, MA

Hi Kerry and Thyra This is Gina, wife of Lee, who got a male kitten from you guys last week. We have decided to name the kitten Nathan. Thank you so much for raising such a sweet, lovable and pretty kitten. Both of my resident cat and dog have taken a liking to him dearly… Continue reading →

G. & L. in Illinois

Gained one pound in two wks and I was the best cat ever to get my distemper shot.  No reaction whatsoever and everyone loves me and wants to hold me.  Oh and they think my name is pretty cool too!  In four wks I go back for my final series of shots.  Having fun with tissue… Continue reading →

M.V. in Massachusetts

  Hi, I purchased Minnie in 2009 . She is a beautiful cat and I love her dearly, just thought I send you an update photo, many thanks

S.L. in Ontario, Canada

Okemos is growing way too fast!!!! He has been such a joy and a little love!  Mamas boy who plays hard and crashes just as quick. Loves his belly rubs, snuggling and showing off his pseudo toy kills.  Goes in this wkend for last round of distemper and rabies shots.  Last weight 3.5 pounds!!! Ps. … Continue reading →

M.V. in Massachusetts

Hi Thyra and Brent, I would like to give you guys some updates on Nathan. He is doing so well and my husband and I love him very much. He sleeps on my hair every night, purring and kneading my head. He is very talkative and is extremely friendly. He got all the shots done… Continue reading →

G. & L. in Illinois

Sophie and Tommy, the best two presents we could find under our tree. Our kitten,Tommy, is doing great!  He loves sleeping with my wife, cuddling and snuggling with her are his favorites. He consistently crawls up and snuggles with her when he is ready for a nap. He and Sophie, our 3 year old cat… Continue reading →

G. & R. S. in Montana

Okemos wishes you a Happy 2018! He was neutered on Tuesday this week and doing very well. The vet tech took this video after Okemos came to after his surgery.  She said she spent 45 minutes with him and didn’t want let him go.  She is in love with him.  😁 They had to milk one of… Continue reading →

M.V. in Massachusetts

Hi Kerry, We are home with our wonderful kitten, Daisy. She did very well in the car. In fact, I don’t think she minded that long ride back to Denver at all. Daisy has adapted very well to her new home. The tension from our other cat has lessened. I won’t say Willy likes Daisy,… Continue reading →

L.B. in Denver, Colorado
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