G.T. in Wisconsin

Hi Marian,
I thought I’d give you an update as to how the boys are doing. We have renamed Frank and Tank to two of our favorite TV character names, Auggie and Gibbs, respectively. Auggie (Frank) is named after Auggie Anderson on Covert Affairs, the blind CIA analyst played by Christopher Gorham. Gibbs (Tank) is named after Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the NCIS special agent played by Mark Harmon.

OP-Gibbs-Dec-14-2013-American-Shorthair-silver-tabby-cat-looking-at-fire-in-fireplaceFor a while after we got them the two boys spent most of their time under our king bed. When Linda and I weren’t in the bedroom we would hear them flying around the room. The room (and walk-in closet and bathroom) is fairly large so they had plenty of room to run. At first it looked like Auggie was going to be the outgoing one and he would bond to us quicker, but it turned out to be ther other way. Gibbs (Tank) decided around Christmas that we were okay, and he came out of his shell. He is really friendly and loves to be petted, and frequently follows us around. And yes, you’re right, he purrs like a lawn mower.  Auggie has just started to accept being petted in the last few days. He hasn’t been hiding but until a few days ago he would shy away when either of us tried to pet him. For the past few days he has been letting me pet him; last night he and I spent about half an hour on the living room floor with me scratching and petting him and he was quite happy and contented. However, I haven’t yet been able to get him to purr.  I’m really glad we took both cats – they are really attached to each other. They chase each other around the house, going from room to room and up and down the stairs, and it’s obvious that they are always looking for each other. They are beautiful cats, they’re happy, they eat a ton of kitty food, they play a lot, and they are wonderful companions. Thank you!

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