Image of face view of American Shorthair silver tabby kitten with necklaces relaxing on coffee table

How it Works

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Reserving a Kitten

A kitten can be reserved with a $50 deposit.  When you make a deposit you also need to identify whether you are most interested in a male kitten or a female kitten, and whether you are looking to purchase a pet quality kitten or a show or breeding quality kitten. Deposits are fully refundable at any time and for any reason, up until the time you select your kitten.

Kittens are picked in the order of deposits received. When the kittens are about 6 weeks old, we post their photos on our website and you will select your own kitten from the Kittens page.

Image of 6 week old silver tabby American Shorthair kitten on purple backgroundOnce kittens are old enough to transition to a new home, (usually about 10 weeks old) you can arrange to pick up your kitten at our farm in Walla Walla, WA or we can fly your kitten to you.  We have good flight connections all across the US.  We make every effort to select the airline/flight that offers the most direct connection and minimal travel time for your kitten.  Kittens are well cared for and travel in a climate controlled, pressurized compartment while in flight.

International flights are arranged on a case by case basis.  There may be additional travel expenses and/or requirements for international flights depending on the destination.

Transport Expenses

Standard air transport rates within the continental US typically cost about $235 depending on the airline. Please email for inquiries on transportation rates to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, or international destinations.

When transporting we make every effort to minimize layovers, and fly our kittens non-stop if possible. If non-stop flights are unavailable, most airlines require a minimum layover time of 2 hours to ensure they can transition the kitten from one flight to the next.  Occasionally, we may need to use a VIP transport option such as Delta Dash to allow your kitten a narrower window to make the needed flight connection.  When it is time to schedule transportation we will let you know if a VIP transport is necessary for your kitten’s flight.

Image of cat supplies hard sided crateWe provide your kitten with an airline approved carrier

On travel day, taped to  the shipping crate will be our cattery immunization record, veterinarian’s health certificate and the registration paperwork for your kitten.

Once a deposit is made we will stay in touch through the selection and shipping process.

Email, call, or text anytime with any questions