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Mr. Silver Shadow

Shadow comes to us from Kerry & Marian Schorsch of  New England, North Dakota.  Shadow is the son of Champion Lightchaser’s RoboCat.  He is a proven sire who tends to pass on his good looks and excellent temperament and to each of his kittens.     Click here for Shadow’s Pedigree

Juni-Purrs Ubiquitous

Ubi, the son of Champion Zpurrz Apollo, this sweet boy is as solid as they come.  He loves to have his chin rubbed, and coat brushed. His dense, plush coat is irresistably soft.  Ubi is curious about the world around him and loves sitting on his window perch to take in the sights and smells.    Click here for Ubi Pedigree

Zpurrz Basilton

Basilton will be joining our sires in the fall of 2018.  He is packed with personality.  Eager for attention, and quick on his feet, he loves to be with his people most of all.  Basilton sports spectacular necklaces, bracelets, dorsal stripes and tail rings, paired with a practically perfect bulls-eye.  This is an athletic, well proportioned kitten, bringing many excellent qualities to our bloodlines and breeding program.