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The Silver American Shorthair cat – Your next companion

We love taking pictures of our American shorthair cats. Over many years of raising and breeding silver tabby American Shorthair cats and kittens we have gathered a massive collection of photos. Though we cannot share them all, in our photo gallery pages you will find many of our favorite pictures of our American Shorthair tabby cats through the years. The photos in the albums here were taken at our cattery (both in North Dakota and our farm here in Washington) as the cats and kitten shared our home with us.

Although we specialize in the beautiful silver and black classic tabby coat color, on the very rare occasion we may also have a kitten with a different coat color available.  You will see several such kittens in our “Other Coat Colors” album.

Over the years we have been raising the classic silver tabbies, we have been unexpectedly blessed with 5 incredible black smoke kittens and one spectacularly gorgeous golden-brown tabby.

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