Photo Gallery

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The Silver American Shorthair cat – Your next companion

We love taking pictures of our American shorthair cats.  Every year we take hundreds  of photos.  Though we cannot share them all,  in our photo gallery pages you will find many of our favorite pictures of our American Shorthair tabby cats through the years.

Follow the links below to access many of our favorite pictures of the beautiful American Shorthair cats and American Shorthair kittens we have raised in our cattery.  Enjoy!

Close up Image of American Shorthair silver tabby kitten face
Photo Gallery – Page 1
Image of silver tabby CFA american shorthair male kitten
Photo Gallery – Page 2
Image of American Shorthair classic silver tabby cat lying on partially completed jigsaw puzzle
Photo Gallery – Page 3
Image of Mother and kittens American Shorthair silver tabby cats lying on red leather couch with green blanket
Photo Gallery Page 4
Photo Gallery – Page 5 (Black/White Images)
Image of American Shorthair Black Smoke kitten
Photo Gallery – Page 6 (Other Coat Colors)