Image of gray American Shorthair silver tabby kitten looking up at camera


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  • Image of American Shorthair kitten inside cowboy hatPet prices, male or female:  $1850.  You will receive a limited CFA Registration application (the limited registration does not include breeding rights).

  • Breeder/show prices, male or female:  $2450. You will receive a Full CFA registration application.

  • International kittens, male or female: $2900.  You will receive a Full CFA registration application.

  • Deposit: a $50 deposit will reserve a kitten.  Your deposit if fully refundable at any time for any reason, up until it is your turn to select your kitten.

  • Refunds:  If you send us payment by PayPal or credit card and you decide not to get a kitten, we will gladly refund your deposit, minus the credit card or PayPal processing fee up until the time that you select your actual kitten.  After you select a specific kitten and we remove that kitten from sale to the public, we will not return your deposit if you decide not to get a kitten.  If we are not able to refund your deposit, we will apply your deposit toward the purchase price if you are able to get a kitten in the future.   No cash refunds are given after you have received the kitten.

  • Payment options:

    • Digital Payments (PayPal or by credit card)
    • Payment by check  Mail to:  Silver Shorthairs, 397 Martin Field Lane, Walla Walla, WA 99362
  • We reserve the right withhold a kitten for any reason at any time.  All deposits are taken with that understanding.
  • Veterinary expenses:  Under no circumstances will we ever be responsible or pay for any veterinary expenses that you incur for a kitten that you receive from us.
  • Heath care:  Shots and worming will be up to date, will have veterinarian health certificate & feeding information envelope taped to the crate when shipping a kitten.  You will need to complete the vaccination series with your own veterinarian.

Image of two American Shorthair kittens in front of window with yellow flowers

We recommend that you have your kitten spayed or neutered around the age of 6 months.  Both males and females may start to mark (spray) their territory as early as that.  (Yes, female cats can spray as well).  Some people think that their kitten is not using the litter box, or has quit using the litter box when they find a wet spot somewhere else, when indeed the kitten is using the litter box, but it may also be spraying, or marking it’s territory in another corner of the house.  Unless you intend to raise kittens, there is absolutely no reason not to spay or neuter your cats, especially if you don’t want them to spray/mark their territory in your home.

Before adding a kitten to your family, be sure that no family member is allergic to cats.  These cats become loved members of the family so quickly it is emotionally very hard to un-love them and let them be re-homed, even when a member of the family is suffering from allergies.