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All SilverShorthairs.com kittens will be from one of these beautiful queens.  We believe that many characteristics of a kitten’s personality are inherited from its parents.  We strive to produce kittens that are confident, friendly, healthy and beautiful.  Here is a  snapshot of life with our girls :


Zi (Cacao ZiZi) is wildly affectionate and has few boundaries when it comes to distinguishing what is our personal space and what is hers.  She knows what she loves and she will tell us when she needs more affection or attention.  Her tail is in constant motion wherever she goes, flicking boldly from side to side. When she is happy, Zi’s  PURR will rattle the walls.

Image of American Shorthair Female classic silver tabby with emerald green eyes right side face

Sugar (Zpurrz Sugar) is on loan to us this year from Zpurrz cattery.  We are honored to share our home with this wonderfully affectionate cat.  She is big-boned and well muscled.  She is as pretty as they come with her stunning green eyes,  beautiful broad, round head, and perfect bulls-eye. Sugar adores getting a full body rub-down. Sugar is constantly “making muffins” with her paws in an effort to express her satisfaction and keep up with the deep rumble of her purr.