Retired Cats

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Image of American shorthair brown tabby round eyes broad head face

Hannah (Pendu Curiousity): Hannah is the cat that began our love for the American Shorthair breed — A perfect blend of indenpendent and affectionate. She is without a doubt the reigning queen of our house.  This girl has a non-stop motor the richest, plushest coat we’ve ever felt.   Hannah holds our hearts.

Image of American Shorthair classic silver tabby cat with large round green eyes facing right

Horatio (Horatio of Talariah): Purchased from in 2004, Kerry and Marian Schorsch, helped our family begin our journey into the world of American Shorthair Cats and Kittens.  A mild mannered, gentle male, Horatio was the quintessential “family man”.  We have vivid memories of Horatio and Hannah parading their early litters of kittens through the house as if on a family outing.  Horatio passed in the winter of 2015, but will be long remembered and forever loved.

Image of black and gray American Shorthair silver tabby

Quibbler (Aspires Quibbler): Quibbler joined our family in 2012.  She’s been a patient, attentive mama, and now is a faithful compainion and friend to Hannah.  Quibbler doesn’t just give her love away — you’ve got to earn it, but once you do, she’s as loyal as they come.  She loves to have her cheeks rubbed and her chin scratched.

Image of beautiful American Shorthair classic silver tabby cat sitting in bedroom

Raku (Talariah Raku): One of Quibbler’s first kittens, Raku is as stunning as they come with her crisp, silver face and emerald green eyes.  This girl is a one of a kind cat.



Image of American Shorthair silver tabby cat with emerald green eyes

Yoshi (Starghatt’s Kamayra) loves to sneak up on our bed at night to just curl up for a few hours to spend her evening beside us.  Soft and gentle in everything she does, Yoshi is a perfect companion.  We have found her to be completely fearless.  She runs to greet any dogs she meets, and loves to balance on the highest pinnacle she can find in every room she visits.


Bee (Schooners Moonlight Beach) is all heart.  This girl with the golden eyes is a constant companion.  Seeking us out from the moment we arrive home at night, she sticks close by, curling up alongside us at bedtime – she knows just who she is and just what she likes.  Unashamed to ask for all the love, affection, and undivided attention we can offer, sweet Bee has earned a special place in our family.

fullsizeoutput_78b8Zi (Cacao ZiZi) is wildly affectionate and has few boundaries when it comes to distinguishing what is our personal space and what is hers.  She knows what she loves and she will tell us when she needs more affection or attention.  Her tail is in constant motion wherever she goes, flicking boldly from side to side. When she is happy, Zi’s  PURR will rattle the walls. During the pandemic, Zi was placed as a quarantine buddy with a college student who was separated from her east coast family.  Image of American Shorthair Female classic silver tabby with emerald green eyes right side face

Sugar (Zpurrz Sugar) was originally on loan to  from Zpurrz cattery.  Eventually the “loan” grew into a more permanent arrangement.  We were honored to share our home with this wonderfully affectionate cat.  She is big-boned and well muscled.  She is as pretty as they come with her stunning green eyes,  beautiful broad, round head, and perfect bulls-eye. Sugar adores getting a full body rub-down. Sugar is constantly “making muffins” with her paws in an effort to express her satisfaction and keep up with the deep rumble of her purr.  During the pandemic, Sugar was placed as a quarantine buddy.

Dodie (Talariah Dodie) is the sweetest little mama kitty.  She loved to snuggle all her babies together and dote upon them.  Unfortunately, Dodie struggled to consistently produce enough milk on her own for her babies so we made the difficult decision to retire her.  She now lives quite contentedly with her family of 4, a pup and a grandma kitty.