Black and white close up image of sleeping kitten

Available Kittens


We have kittens and retired adults available!

Please email or call/text (509) 301-0111 for more info.

When You bring your new kitten home we suggest that you place the kitten in its litter box and then let it explore the house from there. You should consider keeping the kitten confined to one room when you are not present.  Do this for a week or so or until you are comfortable that you have bonded well with the kitten and it is comfortable with you as its new buddy.  Some kittens chum right up to new owners and situations while others take longer to warm up to their new environment.  Hold and cuddle your new kitten often the first few weeks.  Once your little kitten is purring and sooo happy to see you whenever you appear, you can consider it adjusted to the move from our home to yours.  Kittens love to chase things, like cat toys, wads of paper, or any moving object.  It doesn’t take much to keep your kitten happy, a lot of love, good food, clean water, a safe environment and good health care.