M.V. in Boston, MA

In possession!!!! Omg – he is adorable and so well behaved.
Just leaving the vet office (he gets an A+).  Heading home for the introduction.   Stay tuned for more!!!

OP-Okemos-Oct-22-2017-American-Shorthair-silver-tabby-kitten-sleeping-on round-scratching-padUpdate: Hi Thyra!  I hope you are feeling better!  I wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten about you.  I will send you an email with an update hopefully tomorrow night.
All is good here and the boys are slowly learning to accept each other.  Pictures to come soon too (probably too many).
The little guys name is (first name) Okemos (s is silent) & (middle name) Tocho.  I will explain the meanings shortly.
I didn’t want you to worry about how things are going.
Lots of love happening in this home and couldn’t be happier.   Thank you again! I so grateful and appreciative!

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