M.V. in Massachusetts

OP-Okemos-american-shorthair-kitten-in-front-of-fire-New-Years-Eve-2017Okemos wishes you a Happy 2018!

He was neutered on Tuesday this week and doing very well. The vet tech took this video after Okemos came to after his surgery.  She said she spent 45 minutes with him and didn’t want let him go.  She is in love with him.  😁 They had to milk one of his testicles because it wasn’t dropping and they said his gubernaculum was very tight and not stretchy and probably the cause of his testicle to not descend.  I’m thankful that he didn’t have to be spayed (incision thru the abdomen) to get it.  Everyone at my vet love the boys to pieces.

He has been an absolute joy.  He follows me everywhere, likes to sit on my feet if I’m standing and he already knows how to sit up. Loves his belly to be rubbed and nickname him a scrappy clunker.  He wants (& likes) everything I eat (no joke) and when he jumps off of things it sounds just like a loud clunk (no grace).  He’s up to 6 pounds and has an awesome motorboat. Still has his baby teeth but I suspect they will be coming out soon.

It is interesting that both Shadow and Zi have green eyes and Okemos are golden.   Can never predict. Getting along well with Ohanzee.  They seem to know how to respect each other and when to come together.   They are happy boys!


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