S.L. in Ontario, Canada

Hi Kerry and Marian,
Well, Minnie just had her first birthday and she is such a princess. She doesn’t like to cuddle too much during the day but enjoys chasing sponge golf balls and absolutely loves the laser light! At night she turns into a “purring machine” and like to snuggle with me on the bed. A friend at work stated that I talked about my cat as much as she talked about her children. I do play it up though as I staged a “birthday party “ for Minnie on the weekend taking lots of silly pictures with party hats cake and candles to boot!

Once I get them downloaded I will send you a couple of them. I am sooo glad I found your website as I just love my Minnie! We have noticed of late that this breed of cat is featured in a few cat food commercials. Wonder if they are from your cattery!  Well I hope the winter wasn’t too bad for your farm and that you didn’t get flooded!  Thanks again for my wonderful little companion

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