S.V. in Florida

OP-Bailey-May-9-2014-American-Shorthair-silver-tabby-kitten-sprawled-across-floorKerry and Marian,
Bailey is growing fast. Her markings are becoming more prominent and so beautiful. She’s really looking more and more like her handsome dad Shadow.  Her personality is wonderful and loving. She is very affectionate and she’s very, very vocal. She’s always chirping and meowing. It’s just so darn cute! If we need to discipline her she will “talk back” and then we tell her “don’t talk back”….but she always makes the tiniest last chirp to get the last word in!! She’s extremely smart and very precocious. We couldn’t have chosen a nicer kitten. She has become just a wonderful addition to our family and we are so in love with her. Hope all’s well with you ‘all.

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