T.Q. in North Carolina

Hey Kerry,
This is just a few days past our kitties 1 year birthday! We received kittens, brother and sister, from Nona and Robo’s litter. Just wanted to let you know how much we adore these kittens/cats now. Such different personalities! Their names are Wheezer, the boy, and Sweet Pea, the girl.  Wheezer is just like a boy, cocky, confident, attacks anything that moves!

Sweet Pea is cuddly, passive, and makes happy squeaky noises when she is petted. They enjoy mainly napping and looking at the birds outside the windows. They keep each other company and we love taking naps with them. Everybody that comes over loves them even the dog lovers!  They have really blessed our lives! After a hard day at work it’s always a comfort to come home, pick them up and love on them. Thanks so much!

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