L.C. in Florida

Dear Kerry,
Enclosed are a few pictures of the kitten that was born to Silver Alice & Robo Cat back in October, and we purchased him from you in December. His name is Dakota and I just wanted to thank you for the best pet I have ever owned. He is turning out to be a spectacular looking cat as well as being such a good natured pet. He has such an intelligence and dignified air about him that people can’t help but commenting on him when they are around him. Everybody at the vets office is in love with him as well, where he goes in and makes himself at home like he owns the┬áplace. He is very tolerant and gentle with my grandchildren when they visit (4 very active toddlers) even though he has really not been around children much.

I am so attached to him and pleased with my decision to get him from you that I just wanted to complement the breeder for a job well done in this line of cats. I recommend your website to everybody that asks me “where did you get that cat?” I have even had people try to buy him from me however to me now he is priceless! Again, thank you!

Very truly yours,

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