L.R. in Ontario

Dear Kerry,
We received our two kittens on July 7th from Minnie and Robo Cat. We were ecstatic to have both brother and sister, and they have come to be the best addition to our family ever!  Leonardo and Lilly-Anne are so intelligent and affectionate, and have interacted with every family member. I have never seen such positive integration between our pets; the two older male cats enjoy their company, and our schnoodle really likes the silver siblings!

Leonardo is my cuddle buddy, he is so sweet, and is growing up to be a big boy, just like his dad!  Lilly-Anne loves feathers, blankets and sparkly toys, she is a princess!  They have stolen the hearts from everyone who has met them, my boyfriend can’t seem to put them down every time he visits! Leonardo is going to be a great companion for me as I begin my teaching career, and Lilly-Anne is providing my mom and sister with lots of laughter and affection. Thank you Kerry and Marian for the best kittens ever!  I would definitely recommend adding their kittens to your family. Many many thanks,

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