M.V. in Massachusetts

Hi Kerry,
I’m also attaching a few recent photos of Ohanzee (aka Shadow). He is doing very well (funny as all get out too) and has his first annual physical in November. I hope you enjoy the pictures and I look forward to hearing back from you!

P.H. in Texas

Hi Kerry,
It’s been a little over three years since you sent Orion to me and I wanted to give you an update. He’s gotten so big and his pattern is amazing just like his dad Shadow. He’s been my best buddy since he arrived when I lived in Pennsylvania. Since then he traveled with me to grad school in Indiana then down to Texas where we finally settled. He’s very much a lap cat and follows me around the house. If he’s not sleeping, he’s purring on someone’s lap. Thanks for sending me such a great friend!

G. & R.S in MT

Image of American Shorthair silver tabby kitten sitting on cat tree showing necklace and bracelet markingsKerry,
Here is a picture of Sophie, she was born 4-15-14 and we picked her up in Dickinson on June 26. She is doing great. We get a great many compliments on how beautiful she is. Of course we think she is very pretty. Even people that say they are not cat people tell us she is very pretty. Just wanted to let you know she is doing well and we love her very much.


Danny & Lisa

A week later, we ‘re just delighted with Rumple. Here she is holding down an unfinished bowl– Lisa’s a potter. She’s thriving and had grown an inch in9 days!  I’d still like to get a brother kitty to go along and need to put in a deposit in case there is any chance.  Hope you and Marian are well.

Image of American Shorthair silver tabby kitten with paws on bumble bee plate

Jon, Kasia, Whisper & Luna

Image of two American Shorthair striped silver tabby cats with ringed tails looking out the windowHi Kerry & Marian
Updated pictures at 8 mo.&7.5mo . Whisper @ 8# and Luna @ 7#. Whisper wants his belly rubbed every evening and cries at 9:00pm until i put him in my lap upside down and put him to sleep. Luna & Whisper both have daddy Shadow’s green eyes. Both are very healthy and very active, sometimes crazy active. That’s normal. We are again so thankful to you both and your family for bringing such lovely additions into our lives. With the help of Fancy, Yakity Yak, Shadow and God of course.
Hope & love

S.L. in Washington

OP-Leo-Apr-10-2015-American-Shorthair-Silver-tabby-cat-with-round-eyes-relaxing-on-hardwood-floorHi Kerry-
I thought I would let you know that Leo is doing great 🙂
He’s a very affectionate little guy (kisses and purrs a lot, & licks noses and eyes!), and is very active!
He’s becoming very handsome, too 🙂
Will email you more photos later!
Thanks for our baby!

G.B. in Nevada

Image of black smoke American Shorthair cat on a metal chair

Hello Thyra,

Marcella is a wonderful baby and a great alarm clock.


G.C. in North Carolina


Image of American Shorthair silver tabby cat looking down from high shelfKerry,
We got Tommy from you a little over 2 years ago and thought you would like to see an updated pic.
He is a very affectionate and happy cat. He is also my constant companion in my home office.
Thanks for providing a great addition to our family.

N.P. in Massachusetts

Image of Pires Family Christmas card with American Shorthair silver tabby cat

Shadow is definitely a spoiled cat and definitely a family member of our Family.

I attached a pic of him on our Christmas card.

L.C. in Florida

Dear Kerry,
I just came across your email address and thought I would drop you a few pictures of Dakota since he has changed so much since you saw him last. He has grown into a beautiful cat with a wonderful disposition. He is definitely a “mama’s boy” and is spoiled rotten! He is an extremely gentle cat unless a rodent, reptile or bug comes anywhere near “his” house. Our vet says he is a big healthy boy at 14 pounds and says he is the most handsome cat that he has seen in his practice. He is a joy to have as part of our family!