G.C. in North Carolina


Image of American Shorthair silver tabby cat looking down from high shelfKerry,
We got Tommy from you a little over 2 years ago and thought you would like to see an updated pic.
He is a very affectionate and happy cat. He is also my constant companion in my home office.
Thanks for providing a great addition to our family.

N.P. in Massachusetts

Image of Pires Family Christmas card with American Shorthair silver tabby cat

Shadow is definitely a spoiled cat and definitely a family member of our Family.

I attached a pic of him on our Christmas card.

L.C. in Florida

Dear Kerry,
I just came across your email address and thought I would drop you a few pictures of Dakota since he has changed so much since you saw him last. He has grown into a beautiful cat with a wonderful disposition. He is definitely a “mama’s boy” and is spoiled rotten! He is an extremely gentle cat unless a rodent, reptile or bug comes anywhere near “his” house. Our vet says he is a big healthy boy at 14 pounds and says he is the most handsome cat that he has seen in his practice. He is a joy to have as part of our family!


H.J.O. in Washington

Thank you Thyra & Talariah!

Introducing our newest family member…..Maggie ❤️   Day 2 and she’s running the place. We love her.

S.V. in Florida

OP-Bailey-Jun-16-2014-American-Shorthair-silver-tabby-cat-sitting-in-tile-showerHi Kerry,
Here’s a new picture of Bailey. She really loves water and enjoys lying in the wet shower once we’ve gotten out.  She’s just the cutest, sweetest and funniest cat ever. She looks more and more like her handsome dad Shadow.  Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the upcoming Christmas holiday.


T.Q. in North Carolina

Hey Kerry,
This is just a few days past our kitties 1 year birthday! We received kittens, brother and sister, from Nona and Robo’s litter. Just wanted to let you know how much we adore these kittens/cats now. Such different personalities! Their names are Wheezer, the boy, and Sweet Pea, the girl.  Wheezer is just like a boy, cocky, confident, attacks anything that moves!

Sweet Pea is cuddly, passive, and makes happy squeaky noises when she is petted. They enjoy mainly napping and looking at the birds outside the windows. They keep each other company and we love taking naps with them. Everybody that comes over loves them even the dog lovers!  They have really blessed our lives! After a hard day at work it’s always a comfort to come home, pick them up and love on them. Thanks so much!

C. & K. E. in Vermont

Hi Kerry,
I just wanted to send along some pictures of Zoë and Bella, who came to us last November. They’ve become good little sailor cats and enjoy boat life as much as we do.  They enjoy life at home as well, hunting for bugs and sometimes a mouse– we do live in a really old house in the country! Thanks for breeding such nice kits!

S.V. in Florida

OP-Bailey-May-9-2014-American-Shorthair-silver-tabby-kitten-sprawled-across-floorKerry and Marian,
Bailey is growing fast. Her markings are becoming more prominent and so beautiful. She’s really looking more and more like her handsome dad Shadow.  Her personality is wonderful and loving. She is very affectionate and she’s very, very vocal. She’s always chirping and meowing. It’s just so darn cute! If we need to discipline her she will “talk back” and then we tell her “don’t talk back”….but she always makes the tiniest last chirp to get the last word in!! She’s extremely smart and very precocious. We couldn’t have chosen a nicer kitten. She has become just a wonderful addition to our family and we are so in love with her. Hope all’s well with you ‘all.

M.C. in Washington

Here is Rupert, in his favorite spot, the bathroom sink. Hee, hee

He also loves to swat at you while taking showers…No privacy in this household.

What I so love besides his quirky personality is the softness of his pelt…Simple the softest I have ever felt on an animal.

Thank you!

Suna K.


Image of silver tabby American Shorthair cat sitting on a dresserThis is our adorable Casey, she’s been making us incredibly happy for the last couple years! Thank you, Talariah Cattery!